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Good to know...

About our Opening Hours

Open every weekday from 11.00AM

Saturdays: Two seatings – 11:00AM to 2:00PM or from 2:00PM to close

Sunday and holidays: Closed

Closed Easter Saturday and furthermore closed in the weeks: 29, 30, 31.

Closed between Christmas and New Year.

The kitchen is open every day from 11.00AM to 4.00PM

About reservations

All table reservations should be by phone: 33 12 54 97 – Best between 10:00AM and 12:00PM.

It is possible to reserve a table up to four months in advance.

Should you make a reservation and fail to turn up (no show), or do not cancel in good time the restaurant reserves the right to charge 500 DKK per person.

About changes or cancellations

Any changes or cancellations should happen well in advance, so we have the opportunity to offer the table to others whom might be interested.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking should you be more delayed than 15-minutes.

About deposit

We reserve the right to charge a deposit for larger events.

About events

In case of cancellation of a company events or a reduction of more than 10 percent.

Up to and including six days before settlement of the ordered event, the restaurant will require an indemnity deposit equal to the 50 percent of the price of the canceled services.

The restaurant requires a deposit of 50% of the total of the agreed price no later than 6 working days prior to the event. After 6 days 75% will be required, with a no show you will be required to the full price (100%).

By lack of attendance without a cancellation the restaurant can claim the full price of the event (see. General rules for the hospitality industry).

About opening in the evening

Evening events in the restaurant or in our ballroom on the first floor can organized by appointment.

About delivery takeout

We offer food delivery out of the house.

About the food

Unfortunately we do not offer gluten free bread, halal or kosher. If you require gluten free bread you may bring it yourself. If ordering well in advance we will be able to supply it for you, (this will be added to your bill).

In special cases we can allow our guests to bring a cake or something similar. However, we do reserve the right to take payment for the serving.

About beverages

Normally it is not possible to bring beverages to the restaurant.

Regarding children

Children are always welcome in Restaurant Sankt Annæ, but we cannot offer highchairs or baby changing facilities. Equally prams and etc. are not allowed inside the restaurant. Also we do not offer a specific children’s menu.

Wheelchair users

The restaurant are not especially well suited for wheelchairs as the accessibility is difficult. Nor can we offer disabled toilets but we will naturally assist you as much as we can.


There are ample parking facilities under Kvæsthusmolen which about 100 meters from the restaurant.

About payment

By payment with credit card a fee will be charged, this fee is equal to the fee that the card issuer charges us.